A smile can be the greatest thank you ever received.In the public school system, students are given the choice of many different extracurricular activities to pursue.  In the private school programs that serve these scholarship families, all fundings are dedicated to an individual learning approach and therapeutic support.  There is simply no funding left for after school activities.

Scientific research proves that participation in sports and other after school enrichment programs can dramatically improve a student’s performance both in and out of the class room.  Overall, the benefits of participating include:

  • Success in society
  • Success in school
  • Success in developing intelligence
  • Success in life

Most after school programs are offered by the public school districts and by enrolling their child in these, parents put their scholarship funding at risk.  The school choice program diverts funds from the general education pool to this scholarship option.  If parents want public school programs, their children must be enrolled in that school and NOT in the private school designed to work specifically with the diverse physical, emotional and mental needs of their children.

It is truly a lose/lose situation.  The special needs are being met in the academic environment but financial restrictions keep most of the private schools from offering robust after school programs that can be community based.

The Board of Directors for Conrad Education Foundation believes that inclusivity is important.  By mainstreaming students with specific disabilities into afterschool programs, they have the ability to take leadership roles and show talents that may not surface in the classroom environment.   The programs run and funded by CEF seek to be as natural as possible with as few modifications as practical.  Every child needs access to after school programs that will enrich their learning and their lives – regardless of their classroom needs or special circumstances.

Board Members

  • Keith Richenbacher
  • John Page
  • Sharon Starkey
  • Tawanda Mills